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    what we really need for XTs is a full pentium 4 emulator. THEN we could run Vista on it, and use a hard drive as virtual memory since the XT's RAM is limited.
    Last edited by Mike Chambers; May 29, 2008, 10:03 AM.


      Yeah, but just think mow many 360KB floppies you'd need to install it. Unless you plan on getting a DVD drive to run in an XT, too

      Then again, you could always do a network install, if Vista supports it...


        Originally posted by amouse View Post
        So on a positive note I am proud to be able to say that I've had time to image my second copy of PC/IX in both EMT4WIN and Dave Dunfield IMD imagedisk formats

        Here is the link

        Luckily this activity was performed before my meeting with another disasterous set of Wabash Diskettes . All diskettes were not created equal.
        Did you try the baking-in-the-oven trick on those floppies?

        I don;t think it's just Wabash - I have had to throw out all kinds of disks, because you could almost SEE the oxide coming off the media! Maxell, memorex, elephant, Sony, the list goes on and on...



          Originally posted by amouse View Post
          Yes whilst I did use Minix from an early age and was often to be seen clutching Andrew Tanenbaum's famous Modern Operating Systems, I would say though that PC/IX was really in a different league.

          It was full on UNIX, you know compilers, SCCS, accounting, the works. All running on an 8088. Again, doesn't anybody have the documentation to this or VM/IX? If we could have this scanned and published I think you would agree what an amazing product for the time it really was.

          Regards marcus.
          I was involved with PC/IX since its inception and I have a complete set of PC/IX manuals, 'Second Edition', in pristine condition:

          o System Manager's Guide
          o Programmer's Guide
          o Text Processing Guide
          o User's Manual (aka 'The Fat Book')



          p.s. As this forum thread appears inactive, I'll leave an email address so that I don't have to keep checking:
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            Sorry to dig up an old thread but I'd love to try this on my 5150 and my 10 MHz clone. It seems the links are down however, perhaps someone could point me to an updated link?
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              It's been a LONG time since I thought about this, but I definitely remember that PC/ix would NOT run on anything but an XT. You couldn't run it on at AT or 386 at all. If I'm remembering correctly, this was intentional. IBM had a deal to sell Xenix on the AT and they didn't want PC/ix eating into that market. After all, the AT was much faster and had a bigger hard drive.

              At one time, I also owned Interactive's (the people who created PC/ix) 386/ix with the full-blown manual set. I'm so mad at myself for letting both these items go years ago.



                I just found this very interesting post , but does anybody still have the disk images listed in beginning of this thread?


                  Dunfield ImageDisk format images here:


                  There's a .zip archive under images/ if you want all 19 in a compressed format. These images are still available on, albeit in a different directory. also doesn't seem to have a ton of bandwidth to spare, whereas I just found out my hosting package includes unlimited transfer!
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                    Originally posted by glitch View Post
                    dunfield imagedisk format images here:


                    there's a .zip archive under images/ if you want all 19 in a compressed format. These images are still available on, albeit in a different directory. also doesn't seem to have a ton of bandwidth to spare, whereas i just found out my hosting package includes unlimited transfer!
                    Thanks!! but it seems to be down.


                      Originally posted by Klee View Post
                      Thanks!! but it seems to be down.
                      Good chance the DNS hasn't finished registering the subdomain...I registered it about 10 minutes before I posted! Try
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                        Originally posted by glitch View Post
                        Good chance the DNS hasn't finished registering the subdomain...I registered it about 10 minutes before I posted! Try
                        Thanks again!! Link is working.

                        Got them!!

                        Now to install on a 8088 clone with 256k ram.
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                          Any tips on installing it? Typed "install" at the command prompt and it reads off the floppy for about 10-15 seconds then floppy light goes out and im left with a flashing curser and it is not responsive to the keyboard.

                          Tried it on two pc's , one a 8088 with 256k ram and my 8086 deskpro with 640k and it does the exact same thing on both. Also tried two different image files and two different image programs. Hummm..........

                          Update: It still does not install , the first disc boots fine and I can run format floppys and run the other commands but not the install command. Also it cannot read the other discs in the series that I made once its booted off the 01maint disc , ls command shows "..No such file or directory" .

                          Any of you older version Unix gurus can help?
                          Last edited by Klee; March 24, 2011, 07:46 PM.


                            Installing now!!

                            I can not find any install guide at all for PC/IX on the internet. I did read a tiny section of a book in google books about it was designed to use a 8087 so I stuck one in just incase.

                            I was playing around with the dunfield 01maint.imd image file with Dave Dunfields Imagedisk program ( specificly the IMDU.COM ) and was looking at the "F5 STRINGS" function just poking about and noticed the program listed a big compressed file in the image along with the other programs so I ran imdu with the" /e maint.imd "switch to expand the data and then used the "F5" function again.

                            Now it shows lots more info and under the "install.c" area it listed all the outputs of install.c , replys to commands error messages a note about max hd size is 305 sectors and ;ots more interesting stuff also this "press space bar to install".

                            PRESS THE SPACE BAR TO INSTALL it that simple?

                            Not really because with the original .imd file it never accepted the spacebar input.

                            Next I renamed the maint.imd to 01maint.imd and booted off of it just to try it out.

                            It works , after typing the install command and after the floppy light goes out and pressing the space bar it goes straight to the partition section of the install.!!!

                            But its inconsistant , after about 5 reboots to test it out it only went on with the install 2 times and on the second time I started the install and once it makes it to the partition setup screen everything is ok. Dont know if its the floppy , or one of the 360k drives i'm using.

                            It is also inconsistant on the Deskpro it seems , but I only tried to run it twice.

                            The unmodded 01maint.imd file refused to ever accept the space bar input.

                            Now I need to make more install floppys to finish the install.
                            Last edited by Klee; March 25, 2011, 11:00 PM.


                              Installed then rebooted and errored out "cannot load unix press cntrl alt delete"


                                THANKS to amouse for posting this! i've never heard of PC/IX before, it looks pretty cool. looks like a lot of you are having problems getting it to run without using real hardware. it runs perfectly the PC emu i've been writing.

                                i can upload it pretty soon if anybody wants to try PC/IX but have been having problems with other emulators. from what i've seen so far, MINIX 2 blows this out of the water.

                                not really a fair comparison though, but this is a really cool piece of computing history.