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Atari SM124 monitor

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    Atari SM124 monitor

    I've got one here in perfect condition just begging to be sold. I believe it was made for the ST series of Atari computers. Last time I am offering before it is trash. It works and is monochrome in nature. white on black, IIRC.

    Make me an offer. Ask for pics if you want 'em.

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    The Sm124 was a mono hi-res monitor as opposed to the medium-res color ST monitor. It's black text on paper White.
    Some of the ST music programs required it as well as such as the acclaimed Calamus Desktop Publishing program. It produces excellent clear resolution text and is valued highly by most of the Atari ST music community. There were many ST programs which required it and several programs which emulated it were produced such as Sebra. For anyone wanting to use an ST for music, using for example Steinbergs amazing programs, it's essential.
    Please don't trash it. Offer it on an ST forum or the ST Midi forum on Yahoo. If not I will certainly take it for shipping costs even tho I have 2 of them now.

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      Ya, obviously I dont want to trash it, but I am moving soon and want to get it out of my hair. I wish I could've gotten into Atari computers, but midi just isn't something I need in an older computer and I will stick to a trusty Atari 2600 for gaming.

      I didn't realize it was such a jewel and wont trash it seems it is valued so much. I'd rather not join a forum just for one post. Could someone who is a member of an Atari forum link to this thread on one? It would certainly help out in this adventure.


      EDIT: Thanks for the extra information, BTW. It is helpful to me, but mostly to those who may be interested.
      Come to the dark side...we have cookies.
      Wanted: Somebody to buy alot of my stuff
      AT&T PC 6300 site


        How much is shipping to Ohio (44509), I have a 1040stf and the color monitor, but would not mind a mono if its cheap enough to ship.
        What I collect: 68K/Early PPC Mac, DOS/Win 3.1 era machines, Amiga/ST, C64/128
        Nubus/ISA/VLB/MCA/EISA cards of all types
        Boxed apps and games for the above systems
        Analog video capture cards/software and complete systems


          [QUOTE=isn't something I need in an older computer and I will stick to a trusty Atari 2600 for gaming.

          You might try some of the Atari 8-bit machines and programs. They are a giant step above the 2600 but still retaining some of the basic allure of the 2600 as opposed to most of the "realistic" shoot-em-ups of present-day machines. The Flight-sim program which came with the Atari XEGS had maps of the LA, Ohare, and Laguardia airports which makes me wonder why after 7/11, Dubya's gestapo didn't require them to be turned in, on penalty of being incarcerated in Guantanimo for non-compliance. :^)

          Uh-Oh is that a black helicopter outside my house or only an over-revved Semi- ??

          Economics isn't a real science. It's an evil art designed for the rich.


            Good luck getting someone to take care of your SM124. In Sweden, those are impossible to sell, and even giving it away for shipping costs is more expensive than it is worth. Perhaps if you bring it to a swap meet, someone would accept it as a gift, but the monetary value (at least on this side of the pond) doesn't seem to be higher than that.
            Anders Carlsson


              I couldn't care less if I get money or not. I would LIKE to get some as to help fund my move this summer, and even though I've well surpassed my goal, I think a replacement for this 333MHz iMac is a little overdue. Had to sell my main computer for gas money(sad, aint it! It'll be sadder if I have to sell a vintage machine for the same purpose....Tandy 1000SX anyone?), and I sure do miss watching video....besides, I just got a nice 21" monitor in, and it is limited to a TV for now.

              Anyhow, getting back on track...

              Seems I have had and will likely never have any use for that monitor, I dont mind if it sells for squat. As long as I don't have to pay to get rid of it, I think I'll be just fine.

              Micom, interesting you should bring up the airport maps. My Flight Simulator 2 that I have has, in it's manual, large (fold-out) detailed maps of main airports in Chicago, LA, Washington, and I THINK NY as well. Also has the VOR and all that stuff printed for them. It comes in handy when flying in the game, but I don't know how useful a map from the 80s could be of, seems the airports likely have had a make-over. Hell, Meigs Field doesn't even exist anymore!(Default takeoff location from FS-1-FS 2004). Couldn't you get that sort of thing online?

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              Wanted: Somebody to buy alot of my stuff
              AT&T PC 6300 site



                UPS "Calculate Time and Cost" is apparently down, since yesterday. I will get your quote for shipping the fastest I physically can. Be advised that USPS quoted $20 Parcel Post, so UPS should charge about the same for the well-packed 20.5LBs package.

                Come to the dark side...we have cookies.
                Wanted: Somebody to buy alot of my stuff
                AT&T PC 6300 site


                  Using the Windows XP school computers, I was able to calculate time and cost. Maybe UPS fixed the site, maybe the site(like some do) just didn't like my iMac running OSX 10.3.9, hard to tell. Anyhow, below, I copy and pasted the shipping to a zipcode in Ohio, and it should be roughly the same anywhere else in the continental USA:
                  UPS Ground

                  Billable Weight: 21.0 lbs.
                  By End of Day
                  May 21, 2008 15.54 USD*

                  That "3" is days in transit, BTW, if I shipped it today.

                  Come to the dark side...we have cookies.
                  Wanted: Somebody to buy alot of my stuff
                  AT&T PC 6300 site


                    I am looking for a hi-res atari monitor, but am in Canada. They are harder to find up here it seems. Are there any color hi-res monitors for Atari ST out there? Otherwise this is the model I need, the only hi-res I know of.

                    if you can reply here i'll know it's not sold or thrown out already and we can go from there.