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Gotta sell some CP/M Machines

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    Gotta sell some CP/M Machines

    Not much choice - found a car for my oldest boy, and need to get it fixed up (needs a few body parts, head gasket changed) so some of the pride of my collection has to go to fund it. Won't be easy, but priorities first....

    1) Osborne Executive
    100% working, both FDD's are fine, screen is fine, has the floppy-pocket modem with cable linking to RS232 port and cable, v1.21 boot rom. Includes:
    Complete *ORIGINAL* Osborne media set
    Complete Executive user guides
    Complete Executive Tech Reference guides (all volumes!)
    $450+ shipping - don't balk - Working Execs are $150-250 easy, and the last ORIGINAL media set I sold went for $100 on eBay! Also, when was the last time you saw the complete Tech Ref set for the Exec? Buyer is welcome to some spares, like 2 FDD's, power supply, and the RAM board, but i think the 2nd mainboard I have is bad, and the display is bad - you're welcome to both, but I personally wouldn't pay the shipping for those parts

    2) Telcon Zorba - Modular Micros version. This is the DS/DD version, includes an SWP Co-Power-88 with original manuals and disks, all the original manuals for the Zorba, original disks for the Zorba, even the ORIGINAL PURCHASE INVOICE for the Zorba is included! Fully functional, screen is 100%, both drives work fine, and the 256kb SWP (128kb+128kb) works fine. There's probably 10-12 binders of manuals and ZEUS newsletter stuff, and 5-6 boxes of disks (40-50 disks or so) This unit also has it's original carry case/cover

    3) Kaypro 10/83 - nice, working condition. Will be sold with an '84 TurboROM V3.4 fitted, a Mitsubishi MR535 42MB hard disk installed and configured and with the Kaypro factory load. This will include the original Kaypro 10 manual in it's mini 3-ring binder, the original CP/M 2.2G reload set (8 original disk) in their original Kaypro-labelled flip-file plastic box, and as many original manuals for the software as the buyer cares to take. This machine's grade is probably an 8.5-9 out of 10 on cosmetic scale. Fully working, and tested.
    I will supply ALL disks required to reload the system as it currently sits:
    TurboROM bootable util disk
    CP/M 2.2H reload set
    TurboROM Modified boot disk for CP/M 2.2H reload
    $400+shipping - again - when is the last time you saw an ORIGINAL reload set, and an ORIGINAL Kaypro 10 manual?

    TRS-80 Model 4P - nice condition but not like the above, 128kb, dual floppies, couple of original manuals like the disk system manual, etc.. also will include for the buyer Montezuma Micro CP/M 2.2 for the Model 4, original, manual still shrinkwrapped!
    $200+shipping - buyer will have access to a second 4P for the cost of shipping - works, but no cover, and yellowed, but a good source of spares!

    This is going to break my heart, as these are some centerpieces of my CP/M collection, but what is a father to do?

    I can supply as many pics as requested, but please, serious buyers only. These are collectible-quality machines, not junkers. Anyone who knows me, or has bought from me, knows I do not collect junk, and do not sell junk as collectible-quality!

    Last edited by Sharkonwheels; June 9, 2008, 08:22 PM.

    Originally posted by Sharkonwheels View Post
    This is going to break my heart, as these are some centerpieces of my CP/M collection, but what is a father to do?
    Well, my father told me I should get a job
    Legacy Computers and Parts

    Sales of, parts for, and repairs to, Vintage and Legacy computers.


      16 years old - He starts a job in a couple weeks, though

      I made a deal with him: I'd get him the car, and he pays for gas and insurance.
      Got him a 1994 Honda Prelude Si from a co-worker (126k miles, 5sp, 2.3L non-VTEC),with a blown head gasket. $375 for the car, spent about $200-300 on parts so far (hood, headlight, grill, door panels - need sunroof panel, and pax door mirror), and needs either the head gasket changed, or swap the motor.

      Considering rough condition 94 Preludes go for about $2500 or so, not bad. Once it's completed it will be worth $4000 or so.



        My dad gave me his 1963 Studebaker Lark 6 after the engine block cracked.

        I used to play poker with the guys at the local scrapyard (I don't recall what they've changed the name of scrapyards to) and, drawing to a small inside straight, I won a 383 six-pack out of a SuperBee that had rolled a few times, but the engine, tranny, drivetrain and back-end were all fine.

        With a little help from my friends and a little creative torch-work, we shoe-horned the sucker in there, shortened the driveshaft and managed to JUST get the 411 to fit (good thing the Studebakers were made up of parts of all the other car makers). Moving the engine mounts back was probably the toughest part.

        Had a Hurst 4 speed line-locker and a pair Walker Continentals on it so it sounded pretty stock but that sucker would MOVE. Gas, at the time, was 25 cents a gallon.

        Used to run Boss 351s for pinkslips, keep the slip and the car for a couple of weeks then let the poor sucker come and get his car back LOL

        I guess my biggest expense was rubber
        Legacy Computers and Parts

        Sales of, parts for, and repairs to, Vintage and Legacy computers.


          Sure was nice of ya to give the cars back

          Nowadays, bulk of the tuning is done using a 'puter and a serial cable to the ECU, and turbo kits. Amazing. Turbo Manifolds+downpipe on eBay: $125-145. T3/T4 flanged Turbos, from $250-500. you can seriously put together a turbo kit for about $750, complete with intercooler!

          My, how times have changed - I remember squeezing a BBC into my '73 Chevelle (factory sbc) and that was a task, but the parts could be scraped out of a factory bbc, which made it quite a bit easier! This woulda' been about 1983 or so.

          Got a guy at work who has a 1984 (I think) Hurst/Olds, and I was working on him for the past 2 years to sell me that car. he;s letting it go, and although he says he wishes to "restore it someday," in the meantime it's turning to crap.



            Yeah, I remember when tuning required actually getting dirty.

            Actually, my old man made me give them back because he had no place to park LMAO.

            Sounds like by the time he gets around to restoring it, he'll have to jack up the paintjob and throw a new car underneath

            Maybe Lawrence will tell us the story about how he tore down the engine and put a hot cam in his Model A
            Legacy Computers and Parts

            Sales of, parts for, and repairs to, Vintage and Legacy computers.


              A nice clutch of CP/M machines there. I wish I lived a little closer.

              Good luck with the sale.

              Is your son gonna be able to afford gas? You may need to sell a few more just to fill up the tank nowadays!

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