Just cleaning off some of my shelves. I've got an HP C10 ePC that I picked up years ago and used for a little ftp server. I did re-cap the motherboard back then and the thing boots up fine. I've got a 12GB Fujitsu IDE drive in it and a Socket 370 800 MHz P3. I think there's 256MB SDRAM in it, but I don't recall--it may be 128MB. It run W2K and smaller Linuces just fine.

I'm looking to avoid recycling it because it's a cute little box. I think these were popular with the RV crowd as I believe (but may be mistaken) that it will run from 12VDC, rather than the wall wart that it comes with. So any offers, starting with shipping, will be entertained. I'll consider trades for any exotic storage devices also.

PM me if interested.