Most are in average cosmetic condition with yellowing, scratches and marks. I haven't cleaned any of them up so they may scrub up better after a good clean.
Each have been given a 5 minute test and have a good clear image unless noted.
I'm not going to ship, it's collection only! Located in CM15 (Between Romford and Chelmsford Essex)
First come first served priority.

Dell 14" VC5EN (Image "shakes" horizontally on screen which is a shame as its a good image)
Dell 15" D1528-LS

Dell 15" M570
(19" on left already taken)


LG StudioWorks 77M 17" MB776BM
(Time 17" on right already taken)

Hyundai HL-5848F 15"

AST CMC-1424S 14" CGA? VGA? It's got a 9 pin connector either way, Powers on but unable to test further.

I also have 2 faulty monitors
The RM flickers Green but that's about it.
the Iiyama does not detect a signal when using the HD15 connector even though a 2nd one of these since given away worked fine with the same cable