I have a bunch of 486 and P1 systems that were used in radio automation that are all in rack mount enclosures. Most will have the original IDE drives, garbage video cards and maybe 1 Meg or 2 Meg of memory, they ran a DOS application called “Scott Studios” they also have audio cards with three separate outputs along with GPI and other junk. These things are one step away from being recycled. Each case is 4 RU high and 19’ wide, no slide rails. Shipping would be expensive being that they will require a big box for each so I figure that they are worth about $20 or maybe $40 each being I would have to deal with boxing them up and all that sort of stuff. If you can travel over to the eastern shore of Maryland they will be way cheaper! May end up just striping the mother boards and power and stuff and can list that junk, if anyone is interested?