Each card has been obtained "as is" and can therefore not be gauranteed to be in working condition, but all cards appear to be in good to perfect asthetic condition and were obtained from a reliable source, so they should be in working condition. Prices DO NOT include shipping, but for cards, mainly because they weigh so little the cost of shipping is usually minimal. Each price is negotiable and trades for other parts and computer components may be considered (I'm mainly interested in IBM/related periphrials and items).

I will be getting alot more cards in the future, including SCSI controllers, enhanced I/O cards, and miscellaneous and unique card forms for more obscure systems.

1985 ATI CGA/MDA Graphics Solution Rev 3, 8-bit ISA, 128KB, 5$
1992 ATI VGAWonder, w/ S-Video out and EGA port, 16-bit ISA, $15
1991 Trident VGA A-27050, 16-bit ISA, $5
1990 WDC VGA Pro 2, 16-bit ISA, $5
1992 Cirrus Logic PT-521/3 VGA, 16-bit ISA, $5
1992 Trident TVGA8900D, 16-bit ISA, $5
199? Cardinal/Cirrus Logic VGA200PLUS, 16-bit ISA, $5
199? Cirrus Logic VGA, 16-bit ISA, missing faceplate, $3
1988 Chips VGA/EGA, 16-bit ISA, $7
1988 ATI VGA Wonder-16 w/ EGA port, 16-bit ISA, $20
198? Chips VGA/EGA, full size 8-bit ISA, $15
1991 Unknown manufacturer VGA w/ AMI VGA BIOS, 8-bit ISA, $5

1992 ATI StereoFX CD w/ Unisys MIDI chip?, 16-bit ISA, $15
1991 ATI StereoFX, 8-bit ISA, $10
1994 Creative Soundblaster 16, 16-bit ISA, $10

1992 Eagle Technology EP2000 Plus ethernet, 16-bit ISA, $5
1995 USRobotics modem, unknown speed, 8-bit ISA, $5
1997 Rockwell modem, unknown speed, 16-bit ISA, $7