For sale or whaddya got to swap?

Weighing in at a svelte 16 lbs. this not-quite-laptop was the first IBM-compatible to use an LCD screen, giving it a distinct size and weight advantage over other "luggables" of it's day (Compaq, etc.). Actually, it can be used on my lap without too much discomfort, but a tabletop is recomended. This one comes with the (optional) 16 line-by-80 column LCD, but also has outputs for monochrome TTL, RGB, or composite color for use with a variety of monitors. It also features the full complement of RAM, 512k, and dual 5.25 in. floppy drives. Like all VT Commuters, it has the "sender" built in for connecting it to the "reciever" of an IBM Expansion Chassis, which is the only way to connect it to a hard drive. Cosmetically it is in excellent condition, with only minor scuffs and no major scratches. It could stand a good cleaning, tho. This VT would make an excellent addition to anyone's collection. If you need a picture, that may be arranged also.


Price: $50.00

Packaging: $20.00 (Those peanuts are expensive!)

Buyer pays actual shipping from zipcode 48449, your choice of shippers.

Thank you for reading this, and hope you can see it in your heart to collect this beauty.

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