I have a Sharp CE-122 printer and cassette interface available for sale or trade. I believe this also works with the Sharp PC-1211 pocket computer and the Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-1 pocket computer, as they seem to be identical. It has a 9-pin (male) connector.

It comes with the following:

- brown carrying case
- cable to hook to cassette machine
- 2 rolls of paper (one in the printer, one brand new in box (the boxed one is Radio Shack 65-713 and says it is for use with the EC-3012 calculator - maybe they use compatible paper).
- 1 sealed in box printer ribbon (model Radio Shack TRS-80 Cat. 26-3507 cartridge). There is also a ribbon cartridge in the printer itself.

Things I would be interested in trading this for are:
- interesting Commodore stuff (hardware, software, magazines, etc.).
- Old 1990s Fighting Fantasy gamebooks
- Micronauts 1970s toy figures
- A cassette interface for a Sharp PC-1421
- interesting music equipment

Here is a page which shows the Radio Shack model (the only difference is the name SHARP is on the one I have): http://oldcomputers.net/trs80pc1.html
Here is another picture of the exact item (minus pocket computer): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharp_...C-1211-001.jpg

PM me if interested in buying or trading for this. I am in Canada.