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Intertec Superbrain I QD for sale (UK)

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    Intertec Superbrain I QD for sale (UK)


    I have here a Superbrain (original version) with QD spec floppies. 64K RAM, runs CP/M. This machine is fitted with a uIDE with boot ROM, this is a sold state hard disk system designed by me and documented in full here:

    It is all fully working and the uIDE is loaded with CP/M software (some of which may need configuring for the Superbrain's display).

    The case is in good condition and the machine itself is refurbished. PSU recapped, and there is an auxiliary MeanWell 12v PSU for the floppy motors (which have the MOTOR_ON modification so they do not spin constantly). The reason for the extra PSU is well documented in the Superletter magazine - the Intertec PSU is a bit weak, and so adding another unit helps it last. Of course, it is still supplying 12v to the Superbrain's mainboard.

    I will supply it with various Intertec boot disks (it boots from floppy as well as uIDE) and a uIDE utility disk.

    I'm looking for at least 450. That's not bad when you consider the uIDE with ROM board, ROM and bus cable costs 80.

    Let me just remind you that this one is fully working. That in itself is rare!

    Collection only, from West Sussex (UK).


    Any takers so far Jon?


      Alas, no. As you may have surmised, I'm having a bit of a clear out but I'm loth to pay eBay's exorbitant fees. I will keep the SB II of course, even though it has the less pretty case. Tell you what - I sold a Sorcerer with (non working) floppy drive for 400 the other day, that was a bit of a result. As I've retired I think it's time to downsize; plus I have another toy that needs to be funded (it's a Lotus Elise) and I try to ensure I balance expenditure with income (from selling stuff - I don't earn otherwise). At the moment I am 400 in the red... so the first tranche of machines comprises the Superbrain, Memotech MTX 512, TRS-80 Model 4, TRS-80 Model 4P and a 4032 PET running in 80 column mode. All refurbished, all excellent condition.

      Maybe I am asking too much for them?


        Presumably you'd get a better price on eBay - but yes, the fees. The SB gets little interest on VCFED in terms of post numbers etc, just a few of us engaged in our investigations and discussions. Unfortunately there are few alternatives to eBay that have the same reach. Hope you get a buyer, cant be me - I have a working one and my wife would be most unimpressed! Wouldn't mind an Intetec Intertube II for my S100 box however - hens teeth though.


          You could always use a VT52 terminal emulator under CP/M...


            Given Jon is so close to me, It has taken an incredible amount of constraint for me to not pop down and buy the lot.
            I'm also trying to thin down my collection so I'm selling rather than buying.

            Ebay now seem to want to own the entire selling process by allowing sellers to avoid PayPal. I no longer seem to be getting the 'sell for 1' offers, otherwise I'd have a load of stuff for sale right now.


              Come on mate you know you want it!

              Regarding eBay, they do have offers from time to time as you know. I have listed a QL on there with their current offer: "sell three for free" which means no listing or final value fees. I have a Memotech MTX 512 and a PET 4032 with 80 column upgrade going up next, and that will be my 3 items... Ther are other machines I want to sell, including TRS80 Model 4 and 4P, Sharp MZ80A, Amiga 1200 (boxed) and some console machines - BBC Model B (with disks), Oric Atmos, Dragon 32, Amstrad 6128, Tatung Einstien (twin drive with Tatung monitor, 80 column card, Tatung printer) and a rather rare Amstrad PCW16 and "unrare" PCW. That's before I get to the Sun Ultra 10 Workstation... Corel Netwinder, TI 99/4A (times 2), 520 ST (original model with external drive / PSU). I guess I am having a proper clearout!


                Originally posted by JonB View Post
                You could always use a VT52 terminal emulator under CP/M...
                You mean use my Superbrain as a terminal? I had thought about that - I guess I'm trying for the period correct thing though. The IMS 8000 had a Televideo terminal originally. They look kinda cool too.


                  Did you manage to sell it ? I now have a (non working) Superbrain junior for sale on Ebay too.
                  Alan8086 and Witchy have both turned me down as takers so far but I'm hoping to work on that


                    Nah but I’m not bovvered. Got loads of other cr@p to punt before that.

                    Why aren’t we trying to fix your Jr? And did you read the other advert “Probably the only Superbrain for sale in the world” ha ha what a dick. 1200 too, LOL…


                      Part of the reason I put my SB up for sale was because I wanted to draw attention away from that other one for sale on Ebay at the crazy price!
                      I actually have two of them both with duff power supplies so I'll have a crack at the other one when I get time (Ha!)
                      Happy for someone to take the other off my hands with a decent offer.


                        I have to say, the PSUs are pretty easy to fix…