I remember that my first Internet experience was using our home computer and modem to call my dad’s computer at his office at the university where he taught. We would then log in to his computer somehow, and run Lynx, the text-only web browser. The university’s mainframe ran on VAX VMS. I don’t remember if we had to get into the VAX mainframe to get to Lynx or if we ran it from the remote DOS prompt.

In looking up Lynx now, it was created in 1992 and is still officially supported. Its Wikipedia article points to its repository.

It seems to have several versions that will work with different operating systems. I am trying to figure out:

1. Which file(s) do I want to download from that repository’s list for MS-DOS 6.22 on my 386?

2. How do I make it run? Do I just copy it to floppy and then copy it to my 386, then run it?

3. Of course the step with the least obvious solution: How do I connect my 386 which has no RJ45 port to the Internet? It has an internal U.S. Robotics Speedster modem, but I since I presently have no landline, what do I do with it? If I were to run QModem, would it make the modem simply work if I connect it to a landline? Even so, what then to connect to the Internet?