[wiki="File:Microchips.jpg"]200px|thumb|right|Integrated circuits[/wiki]
An integrated circuit, otherwise known as an IC, "microchip" or simply "chip" is a miniaturized electronic circuit. ICs are made from a thin wafer (the "chip" itself) of semiconductor material such as silicon. The circuit is encapsulated in a case, known as a package, in which the part's pins are also mounted. Some of the oldest IC's are made of ceramic such as the one below right [wiki="File:RUS-IC.JPG"]200px|thumb|right|A Russian ceramic IC in this case a processor[/wiki]. newer IC's are made of some form of composite material such as the one below left[wiki="File:ComposIC.jpg"]200px|thumb|left|an AMI BIOS chip made of a composite material[/wiki].