A clone is a replica of a computer or device which mimics that device and although appears different does the same thing. Many companies made "clones" of other companies computers. Many cases were where a parent company licensed the design of a computer to a smaller company. In other cases illegal clones were made which were not licensed and usually resulted in litigation from the parent company in court. One example of the illegal clone was the [wiki]Franklin Computer Corporation[/wiki] which attempted to clone [wiki]Apple[/wiki] computers, in this case the hardware and software were copied with variations in the Hardware but no variation to the software. A legal example of a clone would be [wiki]Intel[/wiki] licensing their designs to other companies such as the USSR clone of the [wiki]Intel[/wiki] 2716 [wiki]EPROM[/wiki] [wiki]IC[/wiki] chip (picture lower left).[wiki="File:Ks573rf2set-2-2.jpg"]200px|thumb|left|A legal clone of the Intel 2716 EPROM made by the USSR in 1978[/wiki]