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Why do we have this policy? Sending a "PM Sent!" type message basically wastes everybody else's time by making them having to scroll past a post in a thread that looks to be updated, when the update is not meaningful. And the person you are sending the PM to will be notified by the forum software that they have a message waiting for them. Look up at the top near the right edge where it says 'Notifications' ... if you have a PM waiting, it will tell you there.

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Old Nerd Playing Old PC Games

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    Old Nerd Playing Old PC Games

    ​Hi there gamers!

    I am Old Nerd & my plan is to beat every game i remember from 20-30 years ago


    📃 Gaming plan 📃

    Age of Empires (1,2,3) ◼️ Age of Mythology ◼️ Aladdin ◼️ Blood (1,2) ◼️ BloodRayne (1,2) ◼️ Baldur's Gate 2 ◼️ Carmageddon (1,2) ◼️ Civilization (1,2,3,4,5) ◼️ Commandos (Behind Enemy Lines. Beyond Call of Duty) ◼️ Command & Conquer (whole pc series) ◼️ Dink Smallwood ◼️ Doom 3 ◼️ Diablo 2 ◼️ Duke Nukem (1,2,3D) ◼️ Dungeon Master ◼️ Dyna Blaster ◼️ Earthworm Jim ◼️ Elder Scrolls (1,2,3,4) ◼️ Fallout (1,2,3,New Vegas) ◼️ FIFA (old series) ◼️ FlatOut (1,2,Ultimate Carnage) ◼️ Golden Axe ◼️ Gothic (1,2,3) ◼️ Grand Theft Auto (1,London,2,3,Vice City,San Andreas) ◼️ Half-Life (1,2) ◼️ Heretic ◼️ Heroes of Might and Magic (2,3,4) ◼️ Hexen ◼️ House of the Dead ◼️ Icewind Dale (1,2) ◼️ Ignition ◼️ Jazz Jackrabbit (1,2) ◼️ Lemmings ◼️ Lion King ◼️ Might and Magic (4,5,6,7, ◼️ Mortal Kombat (1,2,3,4) ◼️ Need For Speed (1,2SE,Underground 2, Most Wanted 2005, Carbon) ◼️ NHL (old series) ◼️ One Must Fall ◼️ Postal (2) ◼️ Prehistorik (1,2) ◼️ Prince of Persia (1,2,The Sands of Time, Warrior Within) ◼️ Road Rash ◼️ Roller Coaster Tycoon (1,2,3) ◼️ Serious Sam ◼️ Shadow Warrior ◼️ Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (1,2) ◼️ Supaplex ◼️ The Settlers (1,2,3,4) ◼️ The Guild 2 ◼️ Theme Hospital ◼️ Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1,2,American Wasteland) ◼️ Total Annihilation ◼️ Transport Tycoon (OpenTTD) ◼️ Transport Giant ◼️ Tyrian 2000 ◼️ Warcraft (1,2,3) ◼️ Worms (1,2,Armageddon,World Party)

    👍 You can support my channel by subscribe, like or comment. Thank you 👍



      My love = )



        I subscribed, even though the games are too new for me. Any chance we'll see some 80's games up there?


          Originally posted by Drop View Post
          My love = )

          I love that game & play it once a month on my Model A IBM 5150 as it connected to the 5153 monitor.


            I also am addicted to the original Sopwith DOS game. Before they added the bee's. Monument of Mars is my bestist 286 dos games.


              Originally posted by framer View Post
              I also am addicted to the original Sopwith DOS game. Before they added the bee's. Monument of Mars is my bestist 286 dos games.
              If you like early DOS games, try Gapper on your 5150.


                Your not that old if all the games are 90's based.... YoungNerd perhaps....


                  My newest games would be 90s based, such as Doom. The vast majority are from the 1980s. Games that have some kind of reliance on the internet are not part of my collection.


                    Originally posted by VERAULT View Post
                    Your not that old if all the games are 90's based.... YoungNerd perhaps....
                    That was my thought too. Some of these go well into the 00's.

                    Maybe he is an old nerd, but we're just really old nerds?

                    I consider old games to have a cutoff at right around 2000, with the prime years/best games being around '85 to the mid 90's. Quake 1 may be the peak IMO.


                      I remember playing Chess 3.0 on the operator's console of a CDC 6600 back in the day. That's the same Slater/Atkins/Gorlen program that won the first four years of the ACM NACCC. Pity that they used the slower 6400 and didn't have ready access to the much faster 6600. It wasn't until 1979 that they got access to a Cyber 176 (CDC 7600) and won that one again.

                      What does that make me?
                      Reach me: vcfblackhole _at_ protonmail dot com.


                        Chuck wins the argument. Now all you kids get off his lawn!


                          The NACCC log says that Chess 3.0 was written in COMPASS (assembly language). That's only partially true--there's a lot of FORTRAN code there too. I ran it under our special version of SCOPE 3.1.6. It used the "T" display (user requested left CRT) on the DD60. I recall that it took a bit of tweaking to run on our system.

                          Some time around 1975-76, a friend who was a CE for DEC gave me a PDP10 tape that was circulating around for a game called "Adventure". el tables. Took a bit of doing to get it running--in addition to being TOPS-10 specific, it was an odd tape where 5 characters were packed into a 36-bit word, with 9 bytes representing 2 PDP10 words on a 9 track tape. After reading, the next job was convert the stuff to CDC 6-bit Display Code, then rework the FORTRAN. TOPS-10 had a facility where a program could be stopped, saved to disk and then restarted. That wasn't possible under SCOPE, so the job was to save all of the relevant data and then re-initialize variables with it upon resumption to get the same functionality. The game made it around the company like lightning with COMSOURCE management grinding through employee permanent files and deleting it wherever it was found. If management ever discovered that I released that plague, I probably would have been fired. Then, I'd have had to cross the street and try to get a job at the nascent Atari...

                          The sins of youth...
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                          Reach me: vcfblackhole _at_ protonmail dot com.


                            Talking of Atari, I do remember playing an original Pong machine at a county fare, it s cabinet was mounted in a truck and free to play (one game only then queue again)

                            Can't remember the year but it must have been around 74 ?
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                              Originally posted by Gary C View Post
                              Talking of Atari, I do remember playing an original Pong machine at a county fare, it s cabinet was mounted in a truck and free to play (one game only then queue again)

                              Can't remember the year but it must have been around 74 ?
                              That would have been a good photo to take of you playing at the time.