Been a few months since I have been active, but now things are looking better on the vintage computer front and I can get back to it

My Osborne 1 is in bits and apart from the normal RIFA smoke, it appears the 8mhz clock signal is missing due to a faulty 74LS161 which is now on order. Main thing, the green CRT is bright and clear with no visible screen burn which is good. Twice, I did see a "no floppy" screen displayed rather than just repeating garbage, so it looks as if the rest of the machine might be ok once the clock is restored.

It is missing the video shunt plug, so I will need to try and replicate the function and appearance with a 20 way edge connector and some label making wizardry but its worrying how hard it was to find a suitable connector and also a 74LS161. My favourite supplier RS, doesn't stock either so its now down to searching the more expensive outlets for bits.

The rest of the case is a bit grubby, but essentially complete and undamaged, so I should be able to get an Osborne up and running soon I hope.

Another new arrival is a 6502 second processor in an undamaged case, so if that works I might be able to play the improved version of Elite after waiting 35 years but need to blow appropriate EPROMS to match and hope the Tube on my machine actually works.

My Apple collection has grown somewhat with a recent visit to the tip, with an LC, an IICI, and a Performa. the IICI has been repaired with a Cap replacement exercise but the LC PSU is dead and I cannot find a circuit diagram for it, so it will have to be hand tracing the circuit, oh joy.

I also managed to bag an ACT Sirius 1 which has been on my list for quite a while after seeing one in 1984. Might be a problem to get going and a Gotek probably won't work on the CAV drives (bloody Peddle ) but its a nice display piece, I also have an ACT Apricot with the fold down cover over the 3.5" floppy but thats cracked and will need some repair.

And finally, I have my Multibus 286 machine case providing enough cooling to prevent it cooking and it runs the inbuilt diagnostics but havent got anywhere in looking at programming it. What this case really needs is lots of blinking lights.
This really will be a retirement project.

Seems like I have got back to having too many projects again