Did about 5 hours of footage on Saturday of this little excusrion - I will post later once I've had time to edit.

Basically, repaired most of the damaged plastic on my NEC Versa P/75 case using baking soda and Superglue. I have heard of this for a long time and have been VERY skeptical about it, kind of funny since I have used this before in guitar repair to repair nut slots that are too low. It just seems that this solution seemed to "Mr. Ed" for me to believe.

But lo and behold it works great, especially with the plastic on an NEC Versa laptop, seems whatever plastic they had welds extremely well to this mixture, and the mixture itself is comparable to Delrin guitar pick plastic - which is VERY hard to break.

Basically, exothermic reaction which creates sort of a heavier, flexible plastic with good impact resistance, and for about $2 in materials with enough to fix several laptops. So what it does is melts the plastic, forms plastic itself, and then what is there is very solid.

My method works by first dusting the area in baking soda, filling cracks and broken spots, dabbing on superglue, then brushing/dusting in more baking soda with a foam disposable brush. This results in a very strong bond that should hold up to the rigors of being a vintage mobile retro-platform in theory. J.b. Weld is being reduced to being a plastic-filler as it bolsters the strength of what's already there and matches the top cover.