USPS up until now has been very reliable, so I'm a bit ticked off....

Ordered M/75 on the 8th, was "Out for Delivery" on the 15th, then turned up at a 6:41pm as "Ready for Pickup" at our Post Office. No slip, no note in the tracking - nothing. Weird since our regular carrier comes by as late as 9:10pm to deliver mail and parcels.

So I figure - since the message on E-bay AND USPS is "be patient, we are experiencing slowdown during these unprecedented times" - so I am. Saturday comes, no delivery. Sunday comes - yes they deliver on Sunday, whole Reddit thread on how they call it "Amazon Sunday" to catch up on the courier overload by arrival. Monday was MLK day so of course no mail at all - okay, I'm cool with that.

Today check back, call the post-office direct, no answer after 12 rings....WTF? No status change - still "Ready for Pick Up" - so now I have to take my lunch break to head over and try and get the package - and hope it's not just sent out without a scan for re-delivery therefore wasting more time. I've already wasted five of the fifteen day return window waiting for them based on Reddit threads.

Looks like I'll be heading out around noon to check on it. GRRR.

Hopefully the second (and hopefully last) one (Ultralite) for the video is not going to get messed up. That one goes FedEx. Just venting.