**New** Google Sites is a dumpster fire, and I'm hosting multiple sites I built on Google Sites right now - including, but not limited to, The Creeping Network (I also run the "Dean Machines" and "Harmony H-80x" guitar pages, and had a Creeping Network Classic Gaming and A Cars gear guide site in the works as well). So I've decided I'm going to use the old "Creeping Network Classic" account from Geocities.ws - unless I can find a better provider. It's basically unlimited space for free and I can host files on the actual site proper rather than on Google Drive - which means vintage PC's can access the files.

This means I'm going to restructure how I handle my sites - instead of several separate sites, I'm going to build one huge site that's a webhub for all my interests - coded in HTML (and some CSS) in Bluegriffon, with graphics done on LInux and on my vintage PC's using Graf-X II. I'm going back to the older table/sidebar format, and I've got some new sites coming together for it. I hope to have this together enough to upload the site by September 2021 when Google will shut down my "old sites" and give me the "option" to convert them. Classic Gaming and The Creeping Network are almost ready for prime time but this is how the site is structured...
  • WEBHUB - This basically gives access to the following sites below
    • The Creeping Network - Vintage PC's, the #1 site relevant to this site
    • Creeping Net Classic Gaming - focus mostly on vintage consoles and computers and doing my style of game reviews and whatnot that I did on GameFAQs and my other personal site attempts over the years.
    • Creeping Net Music - Site for all the music I create, somewhat relevant since I do use a 486 DAW from time to time and sometimes I do things like run Adlib cards through a guitar effects Processor
    • The Vintage NEC Versa Page - The NEC VErsa pages on The Creeping Network have grown so much that I've decided to make a dedicated site just for the NEC Versa
    • Dean Machines - The Hondo/Odyssey Paul Dean guitar page, not computers, but they're cool guitars designed by Loverboy's guitar player
    • Vintage Asian Harmony Site - I had a lot of people e-mailing me on these guitars and asking me about models outside the realm of the H-801/802/803/804 and 218x models - so I'm expanding to include the H-80T STrat, the Explorer Copies, Superstrat clones, Les Paul copies and whatever else Harmony made
  • And the hub includes links to my Instagram and YouTube channels as well.
My goal is to make this more like a classic personal site circa 1995, while getting some modern features and cool bits added to it so that on newer computers it looks cool AF without eating up much in resources. I'm also keeping a local copy of the site zipped so then if I ever get to the point that I can have an ISP that will let me host things from my house, I can move to my own dedicated Linux server for hosting instead (yes, I have a server, it's cool, but I'm only using it for Plex ATM).